Netreon Integrates NAS Into Windows

Peerless Systems Corporation subsidiary Netreon, announced DirectoryPlus(TM) NAS for Active Directory v1.1 (“DirectoryPlus(TM)”), which the company says lets all Windows clients of a NAS server authenticate through Active Directory.

According to Netreon, the latest version of its software development kit (SDK) lets a NAS OEM extend single sign-on to all Windows clients, simplifying life for the server administrator and the end user. The NAS OEM can continue to rely on its non-Windows, embedded operating system and still provide administration from the Windows environment.

The company says that when it is integrated into a NAS server by the manufacturer, DirectoryPlus(TM) software allows the device to appear as a Windows 2000 server on the network to the users and administrators. It also makes finding and using the device much simpler for all Windows 9X, NT and 2000 users throughout the enterprise network who can access the NAS device with a single sign-on to the network.

Netreon has also ported its DirectoryPlus(TM) SDK to both Linux and VxWorks(R. DirectoryPlus(TM) NAS for Active Directory v1.1 will be available in July 2001.

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