Network Storage Solutions Announces Upgrades and Price Reductions

Network Storage Solutions (NSS), a provider of network attached storage (NAS) systems, today announced major upgrades and price reductions for its NASengine network attached storage (NAS) product.

According to NSS, the upgraded NASengine is shipping today and includes an Intel Pentium III processor operating at 1 gigahertz (GHz), doubles the ECC SDRAM supported to 4GB, and quadruples PCI bus bandwidth. The new model also features externally accessible, redundant, hot-swap fans in a slim 1U package. The company also announced a price reduction of nearly 50 percent for the product. NSS’s NAS products run the optimized SPANStor appliance kernel, developed specifically for high-performance network data access.

The company says the NASengine is an integral part of the NSS Thunderbolt storage solution, providing as much as 1.8TB of storage in only 4U of rack space and up to 5.4TB of storage in a standard configuration. According to the company, a one terabyte Thunderbolt NAS system configured with an active/active Ultra-160 RAID storage module and two NASengines in a failover configuration sells for under $50,000 dollars.

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