Nexsan Enters IP Storage Market

Nexsan today announced its entry into the IP storage market with the Veriture iP, an iSCSI SAN appliance that enables companies to more effectively deploy, share and manage storage assets over Gigabit Ethernet networks, with dramatic cost savings compared to Fibre Channel-based SANs.

Nexsan’s new Veriture iP appliance is the latest entry in the company’s Veriture Series of storage virtualization products, providing an IP-based complement to the company’s existing Fibre Channel virtualization solutions.

The Veriture iP virtualization appliance directly addresses the most critical problem facing IT managers: controlling skyrocketing storage management expenses. According to Forrester Research, management costs alone can outweigh the capital expense of storage by a factor of 7 to 1. Veriture iP changes that equation by bringing the traditional benefits of costly and complex Fibre Channel SANs to IP networks.

Veriture iP is an iSCSI storage appliance that enables centrally managed storage pooling and virtual volume allocation. These virtual volumes can be dynamically created, resized and reallocated to meet the changing needs of network users, effectively delivering “capacity on demand” wherever it’s needed on the SAN. With centralized management of all IP SAN storage assets, an administrator can effectively manage vastly larger pools of storage than with direct server-attached storage. A single Veriture iP SAN appliance can manage up to 15 Nexsan InfiniSAN ATAboy2 storage arrays, providing more than 25 terabytes of iSCSI storage capacity.

“The Veriture iP virtualization appliance continues Nexsan’s tradition of delivering high-value, leading-edge storage solutions,” said Diamond Lauffin, Nexsan’s Senior Executive Vice President. “IP SANs are the intelligent alternative for end-users requiring the advantages of a SAN solution without the higher sticker price of a typical Fibre Channel SAN. The Veriture iP appliance delivers similar levels of performance, storage management, scalability and availability as Fibre Channel technology, but with less complexity, reduced cost of acquisition, lower overall TCO and a better ROI proposition.”

With the arrival of the Veriture iP appliance, Nexsan has added further endorsement to iSCSI, which has emerged as the de-facto standard protocol for deploying storage over high-speed Gigabit Ethernet IP networks. IP storage networks possessive attractive cost and simplicity advantages compared to Fibre Channel SANs. iSCSI SANs leverage the large installed base of Ethernet-TCP/IP networks — and the associated knowledge base and management tools — and enables storage to be accessed over greater distances, such as MAN and WAN environments, without requiring changes to the existing storage applications.

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