Nexsan Introduces Enterprise Backup Solution

Nexsan Technologies today introduced its InfiniSAN(TM) D2D disk-to-disk backup storage solutions, which it says provides enterprise-class performance at a fraction of the cost of other high-powered disk and tape systems.

“The introduction of our high-performance, affordable D2D backup solution allows IT managers a high-powered alternative to tape,” says Diamond Lauffin, Nexsan’s Senior Executive Vice President. “Through the use of advanced ATA hard disk drives, along with embedded Nexsan developed firmware and code, we are now able to provide a lower cost-per-megabyte disk-to-disk backup solution with true hot-swappability and the complete redundancy associated with disk-based products. We have incorporated these enterprise-class features with performance previously unavailable in this price range, making the InfiniSAN D2D solution an extremely attractive storage addition and the only sensible D2D backup solution on the market today.”

According to the company, InfiniSAN D2D backup systems scale from 160 GB to multi-petabytes for environments ranging from entry-level to the most demanding mid-range and enterprise-class applications. Nexsan’s D2D backup solutions protect data through event-based, 24×7, incremental real-time backup to either a local on-site, on-line primary and/or off-site secondary on-line disaster recovery system.

All of Nexsan’s versatile InfiniSAN products are system-independent, supporting SAN, DAS or NAS configurations, and Full Fabric, Fibre, SCSI or ATA. It said they provide support for TCP/IP, Ethernet, Data and SCSI or IP, and for Serial, LAN, WAN or web connections, are designed to be completely host- and operating system-independent (providing that the host can support external SCSI or Fibre Channel disk drive) and support operating systems that include Windows NT/95/98/2000, Novell NetWare, SCO, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, AIX and Unix. They support clustering such as Microsoft’s Windows 2000 Datacenter (Cluster) Server, and the NexScan Internet-enabled management processor is compatible with all major web browsers, including Netscape and Internet Explorer.

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