Nishan Systems Delivers New 16-Port IP Storage Switches

Nishan Systems today announced the availability today of its 16-port Multiprotocol IP Storage switches, the IPS 4000 Series.

Nishan said that with wire-speed support for native iSCSI devices and Fibre Channel to iSCSI and iFCP conversion, the IPS 4000 Series can process data simultaneously in both directions at a combined rate of 215 megabytes per second (MBps) — the maximum amount possible — on each of its full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet ports.

“By supporting Fibre Channel as well as iSCSI devices at wire speed, our IP Storage networking products satisfy both the tactical and the strategic needs of our customers,” said Aamer Latif, president and CEO of Nishan Systems. “Our new IPS 4000 Series IP Storage switches build upon our strong base in SAN extension applications by moving us into high-end data centers. Now, our customers can build large SANs and extend them across standard IP networks with a single product.”

Nishan’s IPS 4000 Series switches are available now, with prices starting at under $33,000. The IPS 4000 switches have 16 MultiService Interface(TM) ports, which can be user-configured to support Fibre Channel interfaces or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for inter-switch links, iSCSI servers and storage devices, Network-Attached Storage (including NFS, CIFS, and DAFS), and LANs.

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