NovaStor New Online Backup Solution for Service Providers

NovaStor this week announced the latest version of NovaNet-WEB, a solution that enables service providers to offer online data backup and recovery services to their customers.

According to NovaStory, Enhancements in this new version of NovaNet-WEB Version 3.6 include server scalability features to allow user management and authentication via the LDAP protocol used by Microsoft Active Directory. The client software, which can be customized to a service provider’s own branding, has been improved to help the end user upgrade their backup service before their free 30-day trial expires. Dutch language support has been added to this version, which also includes English and German versions.

NovaStor has also updated several free utilities that are made available to NovaNet-WEB customers. A Web-based automatic account creation and management system can be downloaded and customized by NovaNet-WEB licensees for setting up a “hands-free” account management system. NovaStor has also improved hundreds of documents found in the NovaNet-WEB online knowledge base.

Online backup service providers and corporate customers can purchase NovaNet-WEB Version 3.6 directly from NovaStor for as little as $60 per user with the purchase of a 1000-user license. Server software and free utilities are included in the per-user price.

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