Novell Opens iFolder

Networking concern Novell Inc. has introduced its iFolder, described as an “access anywhere” information management software product that liberates users from having to rely on any particular PC to retrieve information or files.

With Novell iFolder, users securely access their files from any Internet-enabled machine, anywhere in the world. Novell iFolder provides a true one Net experience, enabling users to automatically and securely synchronize their files across all types of networks and on any computer.

Novell iFolder lets users’ files follow them everywhere, liberating them from any particular PC to retrieve information or files. It also gives users automatic and secure updating of files across all types of networks and on any computer. And iFolder automatically backs up and stores files on a server and multiple PCs

The new iFolder combines the strengths of Internet-hosted storage, hosted backups and automatic file synchronization, while rendering obsolete the weaknesses of manual synchronization, storage-space limitations, poor security and proprietary architecture, company officials said. Novell iFolder uses Novell NDS eDirectory or any other LDAP v3-enabled directory for secure user authentication. Novell iFolder works with Novell NetWare 5.1 and Windows NT/2000 and will be included in NetWare 6 when it ships later this year.

The new system is also secure, as it encrypts sensitive files when they are transferred over the wire and stored on the server to protect them from unauthorized access. IFolder also automatically stores files on a server and multiple workstations to prevent data loss, and ensures corporate data from local machines is centrally hosted and backed up.

IFolder accelerates file access and management, officials said, by taking advantage of Internet standards to make file access and management part of an e-business strategy. The new system also keeps bandwidth usage to a minimum by transmitting only the changes to a file, not the entire file. Productivity is increased as well, because information is the same on every machine a user works on, officials added.

Novell iFolder for NetWare 5.1 and Windows NT/2000 will be available June 29 through Novell authorized resellers and solution providers or for $49 per user license or $15 per user annual subscription. Service provider licensing is also available at $1.50 per user each month. Customers with NetWare maintenance or upgrade protection will receive Novell iFolder as a free download.

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