nStor Announces Storage Service Program for RAID Products

nStor Technologies this week unveiled a new 90-day unconditional guarantee on its NexStor 3000 product family.

Tom Makmann, vice president of business development, nStor Technologies, said, “This initiative is our testament to the value inherent in NexStor solutions. NexStor was designed to function as the heart of today’s Information Age companies, providing the vital data flow that ensures business productivity at its highest levels.”

According to nStor, its products include the NexStor 3150 and the NexStor 3250. The NexStor 3150 features dual RAID controllers and accommodates up to eight 1- or 1.6- inch disk drives, providing 584GB of storage in a 3.5-inch high (2U) enclosure. For multi-terabyte solutions, additional NexStor 802 modules connect to the NexStor 3150, scaling to over 9.1 terabytes of total RAID capacity.

The NexStor 3250 RAID system features dual RAID controllers and accommodates up to twelve 1-inch drives, providing 432GB of storage in the same 2U form factor. Additional NexStor 1202 modules connect to the NexStor 3250 for a total capacity of 3.5 terabytes. The 3150 and 3250 both support 10,000 and 15,000 RPM drives and are upgradeable to next generation of 2Gigabit performance.

In related new, nStor will exhibit its NexStor series of SAN-ready information storage systems at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention. NAB, the world’s leading exhibition for the converging electronic media communications industries, will be held at the Sands Exposition Center and the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 23-26, 2001.

nStor, in conjunction with its partners in the digital content creation industry, will introduce the NexStor family of highly available Fibre Channel and SCSI storage systems. nStor’s strategic partnerships will provide a demonstration featuring a wide variety of applications on the NexStor solutions.

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