OmegaBand Announces First InfiniBand Edge Product

OmegaBand, Inc. this week confirmed that its first product incorporates InfiniBand technology and is used as a gateway to the Ethernet network in a data center environment. The product, named IBgate 1000, was shown in a working environment at the Intel Developer Forum today.

“We are InfiniBand System Area Network pioneers, fully engaged with other InfiniBand companies to bring together all the pieces,” Mayur Mehta, company co-founder, said, “this new generation of InfiniBand products will allow almost infinite scalability, provide flexible management, and move data-transfer performance to new levels.”

OmegaBand’s first product, IBgate 1000, is an InfiniBand-to-Gigabit-Ethernet (GbE) gateway product, connecting multiple InfiniBand servers to multiple GbE ports. This first-generation product will, the company claims, provide the connections from a cluster of servers running a distributed application to the Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) or to Network Attached Storage (NAS.) IBgate 1000 will be available to customers in the fall.

InfiniBand architecture is a channel-based, switched-fabric interconnect technology defined to provide very high bandwidth I/O connectivity among servers, and to remote storage and networking. It will provide greater availability, scalability and reliability for server I/O subsystems. The InfiniBand(SM) Trade Association was formed in late 1999 by seven of industry’s largest companies to define a new I/O solution. The association updated its initial specification with version 1.0a in June 2001.

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