Oracle Says It’s Sticking With Tape Storage

Oracle hasn’t been slow in informing Sun customers of its intents. Most of the company’s plans were laid out in January when the merger was finally consummated. But there are still some lingering issues and questions surrounding the breadth of Sun’s product lines.

One of them is the tape group. Sun bought StorageTek in 2005 and it became a decent chunk of the company’s business. Given Oracle is in the business of massive amounts of data, a hardware backup business would seem logical. Even though Oracle has committed to Sun’s hardware with the “Software/Hardware/Complete” advertising promotions, some customers were still nervous. So Oracle has spelled out its commitment to supporting the enterprise tape storage business. Enterprise Storage Forum has the details.

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is pledging its commitment to the data tape storage business it acquired from Sun Microsystems earlier this year, reassuring users who weren’t sure how Oracle would handle the technology.

“Oracle is very committed to the tape business,” Jim Cates, vice president of tape development at Oracle, told Enterprise Storage Forum.

Oracle met with some of its biggest tape users last week at the Large Tape Users Group (LTUG) event. While attendees weren’t allowed to reveal product specifics discussed at the event, LTUG executive board president Geoff Cleary said he came away optimistic.

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Oracle Says It’s Committed to Tape Storage

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