OTG Software Certifies Plasmon Storage Solutions

OTG Software, Inc., a provider of online data storage, data access and email management solutions, today announced the availability of support for Plasmon’s latest range of removable data storage libraries, including the D-Series DVD-R/DVD-RAM libraries, G-Series Magneto-Optical line and LTO Ultrium product family.

“Certifying our products on Plasmon’s industry leading tape and optical libraries allows us to offer OTG solutions in new markets,” said Peter Smails, Vice President of Product Management at OTG Software. “Our storage and archival solutions are a perfect complement to removable storage automation and offer virtually immediate access to mission-critical data.”

OTG said its DiskXtender 2000(TM) and VideoXtender(TM) storage solutions complement the Plasmon D-Series libraries by providing users with access to data and rich media content stored on these libraries. In addition, OTG’s said its ArchiveXtender(TM) solution can aggregate multiple Plasmon libraries so they appear to users and applications as a single drive letter, minimizing complexity. Plasmon’s G-Series Magneto-Optical line is certified with OTG’s DiskXtender 2000 and ArchiveXtender, while OTG certified Plasmon’s LTO 100.6 with DiskXtender 2000 and will support users of Plasmon’s libraries functioning in both LAN and SAN environments.

“We are very excited about OTG’s certification of our libraries,” said Kelly Scharf, Director of Product Management in the US for Plasmon, “OTG’s ability to leverage existing investments by providing transparent access and infinite storage, combined with Plasmon’s offering of removable media libraries, will allow users to retrieve mission-critical data when they need it most.”

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