Pano Logic Updates ‘Zero Client’ Solution

The price of PC desktops has been edging downward for several years, but hardware cost is only one of several considerations IT has to take into account when deciding what to purchase. There is also the issue of so-called total cost of ownership (TCO) or what it costs to maintain and support the hardware. Upgradability is another issue.

One alternative are thin client solutions from companies like Wyse that keep the PC storage, processing and applications in the datacenter where it’s easier to manage and maintain. Another thin, or what the company calls “zero client” contender, is Pano Logic which says it takes everything that normally represents the PC and moves it to the data center as a virtual machine.

“What is in the Pano device is a chip that we designed and in that chip is the data path for moving data off the system bus and onto the network,” Aly Orady, co-founder of Pano Logic, told “We have a little bit of hard coded logic in there that is just intelligent enough to get an IP address using DHCP.”

Server Watch reports on the latest update to Pano Logic’s zero client virtual desktop released this week.

Read the full story at Server Watch:

Pano Logic Updates Zero-Client Virtual Desktop

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