Procom Introducesf Next-Generation NetFORCE Products

Procom Technology, Inc. today unveiled the next generation NetFORCE(TM) 3000 series — the NetFORCE 3500 and 3600C. These are the latest additions to Procom’s line of data filers.

“With the NetFORCE 3500 and 3600C we are giving users greater choice, control and utilization of their storage assets,” said Parsa Rohani, Procom Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning. “These new additions to our NetFORCE 3000 series provide significantly increased performance and throughput for those customers who need it.”

Procom said the enterprise-class NetFORCE 3600C offers fault-tolerant, clustered failover architecture with no single point of failure for mission-critical applications. Its delivers up to 17TB storage capacity. The midrange 60-drive NetFORCE 3500 offers up to a 10.8TB storage capacity. . Both models feature a Fibre Channel backend and dual active-active RAID controllers, email/pager error notification, Web-based management GUI and hardware support for four Gigabit Network Interface Controllers. To leverage current tape library assets and enable the use of new technologies, the 3500 and 3600C support all popular tape library interfaces, including Fibre Channel, SCSI and Gigabit.

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