Procom NAS to Support Active Directory

Network attached storage (NAS) vendor Procom Technology Inc. this week announced that it is introducing support for Microsoft’s Active Directory Services (ADS) to its full line of NetFORCE(TM) NAS filers. Procom says this functionality removes the barrier of NAS entry into Microsoft networks that solely utilize Windows 2000 servers.

“With the number of Windows 2000 network deployments increasing, our customers want to integrate this truly hierarchical and distributed directory services in their enterprises,” said Page Tagizad, Director of Product Management at Procom. “By fully adopting this technology, our customers are now assured that NetFORCE filers can quickly and seamlessly make data delivery possible into any UNIX or Windows network environment.”

In working with Active Directory Services, NetFORCE also includes support for Dynamic DNS, Kerberos version 5 authentication protocol and the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to communicate with the Active Directory and to authenticate access to filer shares.

According to Procom, NetFORCE filers may be installed into Windows NT domains, or Windows 2000 “mixed-mode” or “native-mode” Active Directory domains, in addition to continued support for heterogeneous environments with UNIX clients.

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