Promise Introduces 4-Channel RAID Controller & Pro Kit

Promise Technology, announced the release of a non-caching ATA RAID 0, 1, 0+1 card and professional hot swap kit for Ultra
ATA/100 drives that supports hot swap under a four-drive RAID 0+1 array when used with the Promise SuperSwap removable drive chassises.

According to the company, the device is designed for small office and departmental servers with higher data capacity requirements than two-drive RAID 1 delivers, the FastTrak100 TX4 PCI card houses four independent data channels designed for a total of four standard Ultra ATA/100 hard drives.

The TX4 Pro kit bundles the 4-channel RAID card with 4 SuperSwap hot swap removable drive chassises designed for continuous PC operation of a RAID 0+1 array when a drive fails.
When used with SuperSwap drive chassises, TX4 permits users to replace a failed drive using two-drive RAID 1 or four-drive RAID 0+1 arrays without shutting down the PC. Users simply slide out the SuperSwap chassis housing the failed drive, replace the drive, and slide the chassis back in. In addition to supporting hot swap of a RAID 0+1 array, TX4 also supports hot swap of two independent RAID 1 arrays.

TX4 and TX4 Pro supports both hot spare and hot swap for 24/7 operations. The card supports Windows 2000/NT4/Me/98/95, RedHat Linux 6.2/7.0, and Netware 5.x. Suggested list price for FastTrak100 TX4 will be $149. FastTrak100 TX4 Pro kit lists for $399.

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