Promise Puts New RAID Controllers on FastTrak

Promise Technology Inc. this week announced the latest additions to its line of ATA RAID products, the FastTrak100 TX & LP Series of ATA RAID PCI cards.

According to Promise, the FastTrak100 TX & LP Series is compatible with the 66MHz PCI bus motherboards and offer data transfer rates in RAID 0 (striping) of up to 200 megabytes (MB) per second.

Three products make up the FastTrak100 TX & LP Series. At the high-end is the FastTrak100 TX4, which has four ATA/100 drive connections that allow each attached drive to use an independent data channel, and lets users configure RAID arrays in RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1 (mirroring) or RAID 0+1 (striping and mirroring). The FastTrak100 TX2 offers the same features, but with two rather than four data channels. The third member of the family, the FastTrak100 LP, allows users of low profile PCs or 2U rackmount chassis to implement RAID 0 or RAID 1 configurations. All the cards support hot spare and hot swap. Operating system support includes Windows 2000/NT4/ME/98/95, RedHat Linux 6.2/7.0, and Netware 3.12/4.1x/5.

The FastTrak100 TX2 and LP are currently available at $129 and $149 respectively. Promise expects the FastTrak100 TX4 to be available sometime in the second quarter.

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