Promise RAID Controller Available On Intel Server Board

Promise Technology, Inc. today announced that its FastTrak100 ATA RAID controller chipset is now available on one of two SKUs for the IntelServer Board SCB2 and Intel Server Chassis SR1200 (1U rackmount).

According to the company, Intel is offering two product configurations of its rack-optimized SCB2 Server Board — either with the Promise FastTrak100 chipset for ATA/100 RAID or available with Ultra160 SCSI. Promise said the SCB2 is specifically designed for use with Intel’s SR1200 (1U) and SR2200 (2U) high-density rackmount chassis, or in third party reference chassis. The server board supports dual Intel Pentium III processors with 512K cache, dual 64-bit/66MHz buses, single 32-bit/33MHz bus, and six DIMM slots for up to 6GB of ECC SDRAM.

When included on the Intel Server Board SCB2, Promise FastTrak100 supports two-drive RAID 1 mirroring for maintaining data and server operation in the event of a drive failure or two-drive RAID 0 striping for increased storage capacity and improved data transfer performance.

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