Quantum/ATL Releases Consolidated Enterprise Tape Library

DLTtape(TM) automation product vendor Quantum/ATL, part of Quantum’s DLT and Storage Systems, today announced the P3000 Gemini series library for mixed storage environments, a combined network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) data protection solution in a consolidated enterprise tape library.

According to Quantum/ATL, the Gemini solution combines, in one library, a Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)-based network-attached backup solution that protects the data on multiple Network Appliance filers, with a Fibre Channel-based solution that protects servers and/or RAID arrays attached to a Fibre Channel SAN. They also say it is readily shared among multiple NetApp filers as well as by multiple application servers attached via Fibre Channel.

The P3000 Gemini series library includes up to eight DLTtape drives connected via Ethernet. These drives are suitable for the backup requirements of as many as eight or more NetApp F740, F760 or F840 filers. The Fibre Channel side has up to eight DLTtape drives suitable for eight or more application servers, such as those running Windows NT/2000 or Solaris.

Quantum/ATL says the P3000 Gemini solution has been certified with VERITAS NetBackup 3.2 and 3.4. the Network Data Management Protocol, and NetApp filers. Certification of other data management software packages is expected. It is immediately available, and has suggested price starting at $112,565 for the P3000 Gemini series library.

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