Quantum Ships SDLT 320

Quantum Corp. today announced shipment of the SDLT 320. The new drive, based on the industry standard DLTtape technology, will be distributed through the Quantum channel and leading OEM suppliers.

With 60 percent greater capacity than alternative mid-range tape drives and the highest performance available, the SDLT 320 provides customers with a substantial reduction in total cost of ownership. The SDLT 320 holds 320 GB of compressed data, or the equivalent of 80 full-length feature films on a tape cartridge about half the size of a standard VHS tape. The SDLT 320 transfers data at speeds up to 32 MB/s compressed, giving customers the ability to deal with shrinking back up windows.

For companies that already have an investment in DLT media, the Super DLTtape products have the benefit of being able to read media written on DLT 4000, DLT 7000, DLT 8000, DLT1 and VS 80 drives. The new product also offers backward read and write compatibility with SDLT 220, using the same Super DLTtape I media.

“Through the backward compatibility feature of Super DLTtape(TM) products, IT managers can migrate to a higher-performance platform with peace of mind, knowing they can continue to access data written on DLTtape Media IV,” said John Freeman, president, Strategic Marketing Decisions. “Since the SDLT 320 uses existing Super DLTtape I media, the same cartridge can be used through two capacity and performance points. Cost per gigabyte is significantly improved with no added cost or management of cartridges.”

Available this month, Quantum brand SDLT 320 drives have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price starting at $4,495, depending upon configuration. Individual OEM customer announcements detailing SDLT 320 product availability are forthcoming.

“The industry-leading SDLT 320 delivers a range of compelling benefits for automation environments including faster data backups and restores, higher storage density and lower cost per GB, all leading to significant improvements in total cost of ownership,” said Bob Scroop, vice president and general manager, Storage Resource Business Unit, Overland Data. “In combination with its proven durable design for handling demanding automated tape environments, the SDLT 320 is an excellent drive for Overland Data’s family of tape libraries.”

“The SDLT 320 solidifies the leading position for Super DLTtape technology,” said Knut Aulund, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, Tandberg Data. “While offering the lowest cost per gigabyte of any mid range tape drive, the SDLT 320 delivers backward compatibility and scalability to over one terabyte on a single media cartridge which helps to ensure long-term investment protection for our customers.”

“Today’s introduction of the SDLT 320 drive marks a milestone not only for Quantum as we extend our leadership in tape, but also for the storage industry,” said John Gannon, president, DLTtape Group, Quantum Corporation. “The SDLT 320 demonstrates the innovation that customers expect from Quantum, by delivering the capacity and performance attributes needed to meet today’s demanding back up requirements.”

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