Quantum|ATL Announce LTO Ultrium Tape Drives

Quantum|ATL today announced LTO(TM) Ultrium(TM) drives for Quantum|ATL’s P2000 and P3000 libraries, which, according to Quantum|ATL, will deliver improved performance and reliability to meet and exceed customers’ existing data storage protection and archiving needs. The P2000 and P3000 enterprise-class libraries also support mixed media within the library, including DLT 7000, DLT 8000, and Super DLTtape(TM) with LTO Ultrium, providing a transition path that enables use of existing drives and tapes concurrent with new drives and media.

LTO Ultrium technology provides storage capacity and data transfer rates for mid-range and enterprise business needs. LTO has a native storage capacity of 100GB per cartridge and a native throughput of 15MB/second (54GB/hour). Future versions of LTO Ultrium technology are projected to provide up to 800GB per cartridge and a data rate up to 80MB/second over four generations.

When used with a P2000 library that supports up to 198 cartridges and up to ten tape drives, LTO Ultrium offers a native library capacity of almost twenty terabytes of storage with native performance up to 540GB/hour. In a P3000 library supporting up to 326 cartridges and up to 16 tape drives, native library capacity reaches over 32TB with native performance up to 864GB/hour. A fully expanded P3000, with 1,630 cartridges and 80 tape drives, offers native capacity up to 163TB and native performance up to 4.32TB/hour.

LTO Ultrium tape drives will be available with P2000 and P3000 libraries within the next 30 days, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price starting at under $61,345 for a P2000 with one drive and 100 slots.

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