Quantum|ATL Certifies Quadratec and Procom Products

DLTtape vendor Quantum|ATL announced Quadratec’s Time Navigator enterprise backup and restore solution is fully certified with Quantum|ATL’s native Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) P2000 and P3000 Series libraries.

According to Quantum|ATL, certification allows Quadratec’s Time Navigator users to directly backup NAS Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) file servers, as well as other production servers, over a network to any available tape drive within the library.

In related news, Procom Technology Inc., a manufacturer of data storage, access appliances and network attached storage (NAS), announced the certification of Procom’s NetFORCE(TM) 3000 series of NAS appliances with Quantum/ATL’s NAS backup solution for filers using Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) technology.

Procom said Quantum/ATL’s NAS backup solution will enable their NetFORCE 3000 series filers to backup network data to any available tape drive within a Quantum/ATL P-Series library. The NAS backup solution uses standard GbE switches to connect the Quantum/ATL automated tape library directly to the network. This solution allows the NetFORCE 3000 series appliances and Quantum/ATL’s NAS backup solution to be located anywhere on the network.

The announcement was the latest in a line of certifications of Procom’s product lines with other vendors, including Oracle, QLogic and VERITAS. The company said their commitment to extending cross-platform compatibility is a priority as it seeks to continue providing increased functionality and improved performance to its customers.

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