Quantum|ATL & Nnishan Vault IP Barrier

DLTtape(TM) automation product vendor and Quantum Corporation subsidiary Quantum|ATL and Nishan Systems, a provider of standard iSCSI, iFCP and iSNS IP Storage switches, today announced, what they claim is, the first successful demonstration of a remote vaulting application using the Nishan IPS series of Internet Protocol (IP) storage switches with Quantum|ATL P-Series Fibre Channel libraries.

“Quantum|ATL and Nishan Systems have been collaborating for several months to deliver storage solutions that extend the reach and performance of network storage far beyond the capabilities available through Fibre Channel networking,” said Scott Maccabe, senior vice president of sales, marketing and service for Quantum|ATL. “This is the first of many integrated solutions th at will result from our alliance with Nishan.”

The SoIP framework gives users the option of retaining the Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) already in place, rather than requiring new end-system infrastructure investments, while using the time-tested networking standards of IP and Ethernet for the networking component. Nishan’s open standards-based IP Storage switches the company says enables Quantum|ATL Fibre Channel libraries to transparently connect to Gigabit Ethernet and IP networks, providing customers with the capability to transition at any time to end-to-end native IP storage area networks (SANs). This approach provides users the immediate ability to build a scalable, cost-effective storage fabric infrastructure with proven, ubiquitous networking standards — IP and Ethernet.

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