Quantum|ATL’s BlueArc Storage System

Quantum|ATL, a subsidiary of Quantum Corporation today announced BlueArc’s Si7500 Storage System is fully certified for use with its Pegasus solution for Fibre Channel environments.

According to Quantum|ATL, the Pegasus solution is an industry first in tape backup support for SAN environments, allowing multiple filers and multiple tape devices to be effortlessly connected to a Fibre Channel switch with full-fabric support. The companies claim the certification addresses the need for seamless integration of network-attached storage (NAS) devices within Fibre Channel-based storage area networks (SANs).

“Certification by Quantum|ATL allows BlueArc to deliver complete high-performance network storage solutions with enterprise-class data availability,” said Bryan Sweeley, senior vice president of marketing at BlueArc. “Quantum|ATL’s Pegasus Data Protection Solution allows our customers to protect their mission-critical data on the BlueArc Si7500 Storage System.”

“Our relationship with BlueArc is representative of Quantum|ATL’s commitment to promoting the evolution of open storage technologies,” said Rob Pickell, vice president of marketing for Quantum|ATL. “Our native Fibre Channel Pegasus tape libraries paired with BlueArc’s Si7500, provides our customers with a fast, flexible and open storage system. Data protection and availability are increased, while management and administration challenges are reduced.”

Quantum|ATL said the Pegasus backup solution is ideal for organizations that have already invested in a Fibre Channel infrastructure or for environments that need a common backup solution for NAS devices and application servers. Pegasus allows for numerous NAS devices and servers to share a single tape library.

Using a SAN, multiple BlueArc Si7500 Storage Systems can interface with a Fibre Channel switch for a direct, high-speed connection to a Quantum|ATL P-Series library. The companies said end users can utilize uninterrupted access to data and applications, since NAS systems can be kept online and backup costs can be amortized across multiple NAS systems.

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