Rackspace Supplies the Hardware, LAND-5 Delivers the Software for NAS

Rackspace Managed Hosting today announced a partnership with storage applications vendor LAND-5 to offer a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to its customers’ servers. The Rackspace NAS is aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses and costs approximately $1,500 per month.

“Once again, Rackspace has brought innovation to the hosting marketplace,” said Farouk Al-Nasser, president and chief operating officer for LAND-5. “Rackspace’s NAS offering utilizes our software to run on their hardware, which creates unprecedented storage capacity, reliability and ease of use.”

According to the company, the Rackspace NAS allows customers to scale up to 1.4 terabytes of networked storage. It is fully supported on all Rackspace standard platforms, including Microsoft Windows, RedHat Linux, Sun Solaris and FreeBSD.

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