Rorke Data Certifies Gadzoox Networks’ Switches

Gadzoox Networks Inc., a supplier of intelligent storage area network (SAN) products, today announced the certification of its Slingshot family of 2Gb Open Fabric switches by Rorke Data, Inc., .

“We partner with companies like Gadzoox Networks so that we can deliver high performance, thoroughly tested solutions to our customers,” said Joe Rorke, vice president of marketing for Rorke Data. “Given the mission critical nature of diagnostic imaging, our customers are conservative and require interoperability, standards, and certification; Gadzoox Networks delivers on these goals while delivering performance solutions that meet our customers’ unique workflow needs.”

“Our Slingshot switches are a perfect fit for Rorke Data’s focus on the Medical Imaging and Digital Audio/Video vertical markets,” said Clark Foy, vice president of sales and marketing for Gadzoox Networks. “The switches provide the high throughput needed and the broad interoperability required, while enabling Rorke to deliver outstanding value in these vertical markets.”

Prior to achieving certification, Gadzoox Networks said its Slingshot switches met Rorke Data’s interoperability requirements through extensive testing in multiple configurations within the context of vertical market applications such as diagnostic imaging, video editing and streaming media.

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