Rorke Data Introduces Sony AIT-3 Tape Libraries

Rorke Data, Inc. , a subsidiary of San Jose-based Bell Microproducts, Inc. and a Archive, Back-up and RAID storage solutions vendor for the healthcare industry, this week announced it has incorporated Sony’s new AIT-3 tape drive technology into its RTL Series of scalable AIT tape libraries, doubling the libraries’ capacity.

By incorporating Sony’s AIT-3 tape drive technology with additional tape drives and tape cartridges, a Rorke spokesperson said, the RTL Series of archive libraries has a capacity range of 500GB to over 60TB of non-compressed data storage. Offering true in-the-field expandability, the RTL Series is available in configurations with as few as 10 cartridges and a single AIT drive to systems with over 600 cartridges and up to 12 drives.

“We predicted a year and a half ago that, in combination with Sony technology, the RTL Series would allow our customers to continue doubling their storage capacity every 18 months,” said Joe Rorke, VP/Marketing, Rorke Data, “and this upgrade, which features a unique blend of design efficiencies with cutting-edge technology, does exactly that, by allowing our users to cost-efficiently double their native storage capacity on-site.

“Every library in the upgraded RTL Series is designed for field-upgrading to the next model number by adding additional drives and media caddies,” said Rorke. “The entire library calibrates itself automatically with built-in optical alignment, so a technician can field-upgrade a customer from 2TB to 4TB, for example, in less than two hours.”

The RTL Series of AIT2 libraries is available in 12 models. Pricing for the RTL Series’ 500GB libraries starts at $6,000, ranging up to $200,000 for a 12 drive, 60TB solution.

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