Rorke Selects Seagate’s LTO Technology for High-Speed Tape Library Backup

Rorke Data, Inc., a subsidiary of San Jose-based Bell Microproducts, Inc. and a Fibre-Channel SAN and data storage solutions vendor for the healthcare industry, today announced today that it has selected Seagate’s high-speed Viper 2000 autoloader for incorporation into medical imaging applications featuring Rorke’s RTL Series of rack-mountable tape libraries.

“All industries are looking at reliable, high-speed data backup for file protection and disaster recovery as a key strategy in their data storage management plan,” said Joe Rorke, VP/Marketing, Rorke Data, “and Seagate’s Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology gives the medical imaging industry an especially strong foundation upon which to build such a strategy. We recognize that backup is especially critical in medical applications, since there may be only brief opportunities to collect and then backup the data. With the issue of HIPAA compliance also a current concern, we believe we’re offering the most reliable technology to assure recovery and business continuance.”

The Viper 2000 autoloader is a high-speed, hands-free backup solution that provides up to 2 Tbytes of compressed backup from ten cartridge slots. Powered by Seagate’s Ultrium-format Viper 200 tape drive, Viper 2000 transfer rates reach up to 1.92 Gbytes per minute. The Ultrium format is based on Linear Tape-Open technology, an open-format tape specification developed by Seagate, Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM Corp. The Viper family is Seagate’s flagship tape product platform that is based on the Ultrium format.

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