RSV and HP Collaborate on Storage for Government Agencies

Network office appliance vendor Ricoh Silicon Valley Inc. today announced the availability of a back-end electronic archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes-based applications.

Aimed at U.S. government departments and agencies, the solution features Ricoh’s eCabinet(TM), which serves as the solutions storage and retrieval platform, and Hewlett-Packard Company’s Digital Sender 9100C, which provides the front-end document input network appliance for secured document input and scanning. The Digital Sender 9100C supports TIFF and PDF format, and sends documents in color and black and white. The third component in the solution is HP and Notable Solutions’ (NSi(TM)) AutoStore 2000 software, which retrieves documents processed by the HP Digital Sender, and adds advance pre-processing features such as image cleanup, OCR, Bar Code Recognition, Text Parsing, Searchable PDF, and customizable indexing.

“Unlike document management systems that cost upwards of several hundred thousand dollars, the eCabinet/Digital Sender solution provides a simple, cost-effective, appliance-based way for government agencies to store and share critical information,” said James Harris, RSV’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. The solution is valued at over $22,000.

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