SAN Valley Systems Joins New SNIA iSCSI Group

SAN Valley Systems this week announced that it has joined the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) iSCSI Group.

A new group within the SNIA IP Storage Forum, the iSCSI Group was formed to promote iSCSI as the standard for transmitting block-level storage data over native IP storage area networks, (SANs). SAN Valley said it is actively participating and supporting the industry’s efforts at making iSCSI the future standard for the IP Storage industry.

“The business benefits for the establishment of iSCSI standards are tremendous and will have a significant impact on our customers’ ability to seamlessly interconnect IP Storage products into their existing SANs,” said Sandy Helton, president and CEO of SAN Valley. “SAN Valley agrees with many of the benefits of future iSCSI networks, and will continue to actively show support for the iSCSI Group and its proposed standards whenever it is possible for us to do so.”

“SAN Valley is keenly aware of the technological and business benefits of IP-based storage technology and their contributions will help to validate iSCSI as the standard for transmitting block-level storage over native IP-SANs,” said Ahmad Zamer, SNIA iSCSI Group Chair. “I am pleased to see that SAN Valley, like our other vendor-members, have interoperability as a central component of their engineering and marketing initiatives.”

iSCSI is a specified means of transporting data residing on iSCSI devices natively across TCP/IP. iSCSI allows existing Ethernet infrastructures to transfer SCSI commands and data with complete location independence. Standard routers can be used to extend the access to a LAN/MAN/WAN or, if using IP, to any location in the world. The SNIA said enterprise and small to medium businesses will welcome this technology as a means to maximize their return on investment.

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