SANavigator to Demo at NAB2001

SANavigator Inc. today announced it plans on offering one the first public demonstrations of SANavigator Version 2.0 later this month at NAB2001 beginning April 23 in Las Vegas.

According to SANavigator, SANavigator Version 2.0, like earlier versions, is a Java-based storage management application that operates as a host for other storage management applications, utilities and tools from major storage vendors, and includes an Auto Discovery feature that performs a complete inventory of all SAN resources.

The SANmap(TM) component of SANavigator presents an intuitive visual map of the SAN showing all devices and their interconnections. The software is designed to allow an administrator to establish new data path zoning, create redundant paths and perform other management routines, completing with just a few mouse clicks a process that previously took several hours.

SANavigator says significant additions to this version of the software are the ability to monitor the performance of SAN devices and the connections between the devices, support for Palm Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), latency test capability, and a planning tool that allows integrators and end users to plan a SAN, or extensions to an existing SAN, using the SANavigator interface.

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