Seagate and Imation Announce Travan Roadmap

Seagate Removable Storage Solutions (RSS) and Imation Corp. today announced plans for a new family of Travan 40 tape drives and cartridges based on the seventh generation of Travan technology. Using this new technology, the Travan 40 tape drives and cartridges offer up to 20 Gbytes native storage capacity (40 Gbytes compressed) while maintaining backward compatibility.

“Seagate is committed to deliver quality data protection solutions to customers who depend on Travan to protect the valuable information they rely on every day,” said Bob Hawkins, director, product line management for Seagate Removable Storage Solutions. “Seagate’s Travan 40 tape drives with up to 40 Gbytes of compressed data protection will fit the needs of mobile/notebook users as well as workstations and entry-level servers in a small-to-medium business environment.”

“Today’s small and mid-sized businesses are faced with the ever-increasing challenge of choosing a backup solution that will meet the reliability and capacity needs of business today and tomorrow,” said Frank Russomanno, vice president and general manager of Data Storage Media and Services at Imation. “With a clear migration path based on the newest Travan drives and media announced today, Travan technology will continue to deliver the scalability and reliability our customers demand.”

Drive specifications for Seagate’s Travan 40 tape drive include 20 Gbyte native capacity with 2 Mbytes/sec native transfer rate and backward-read compatible with Travan 20 Gbyte technology. Internal versions will have an ATAPI interface and an external implementation will have a USB 2.0 connection. Seagate Travan 40 tape drive products will be compatible with Windows 95/98/NTWS/2000 professional/Millennium/XP, Windows NT/2000 Server, Novell Net 3/4/5/6/, SCO UNIX and Linux.

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