Seagate Marks 15k-rpm Cheetah Disc Drive Milestone

Seagate today announced it has shipped its one-millionth 15K-rpm disc drive. In addition, Seagate released its second-generation Cheetah X15-36LP.

“Market acceptance and adoption of 15K-rpm drives has been significantly greater than that of 10K-rpm drives, with Seagate’s 15K Cheetah seeing wide integration by some of the largest OEMs,” said David Reinsel, research manager at IDC. “A large percentage of these OEMs deliver storage solutions that can be centrally managed and provide a high level of IOPS per square foot, which plays to the strength of 15K-rpm drives.”

“As the costs of implementing and managing complex storage solutions have increased, having fewer drives to manage translates into lower storage administration costs,” said Sherman Black, Seagate vice president, Business Development, Enterprise and Personal Storage. “Because fewer 15K-rpm drives are needed to achieve the same system performance levels provided by other drives, and total ownership costs are reduced, 15K-rpm Cheetah disc drives are the best choice for performance applications. Many of Seagate’s leading customers such as Compaq, Dell, and HP recognize this need and are building systems based on these requirements demanded by their own customers.”

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