Seagate & StorageTek Create Ultrium-Format Tape Libraries

Tape drive manufacturer Seagate Removable Storage Solutions (RSS)and tape library vendor StorageTek(R) today announced that StorageTek is integrating Seagate’s Viper(R) 200 Ultrium tape drive into StorageTek L20/L40/L80 tape library series, the L180 and the L700 tape libraries.

“Integrating Seagate’s Viper 200 tape drives in our L-series libraries allows us to offer the broadest range of tape automation solutions in the industry,” said Pete Koliopoulos, StorageTek director, Marketing, Automated Tape Solutions. “LTO technology fits well in our product portfolio for the midrange tape market. StorageTek’s commitment to this market segment was announced in 1999 for the L700 library. Expanding our L-series offerings with the integration of LTO technology is one additional move to extend our expertise and leadership in this market.”

According to Seagate, Viper 200 tape drives represent Seagate RSS’ flagship family of products based on the Ultrium format of LTO technology. Viper 200 tape drives protect up to 200 Gbytes of compressed data per cartridge and operates with backup speeds of up to 115.2 Gbytes per hour (equates to 32 Mbytes per second compressed). They are available in both Ultra2 SCSI LVD and HVD configurations.

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