Seek Systems Accelerated Mac Storage Systems

Seek Systems, Inc. today announced two accelerated storage configurations, MacRAID-S and MacRAID-L, which the company says are pre-configured to meet the storage needs of data-intensive companies and are more flexible and less expensive than Solid State Disk for Macintosh platform users.

“The blazing CPU speeds of new Mac G4 technologies make reading and writing to the hard drive even more paramount,” said Wayne G. Smith, President and CEO of Seek Systems. “Our Adaptive Cache(TM) technology gives Mac users full utilization of the Mac G4’s processing power while protecting data in a Raid5 configuration.”

The FasFile MacRAID accelerated storage products are application independent and require no changes to the application code. The products support Mac O/S X and 9, NT, Win2K, UNIX, and LINUX and up to six servers with different operating systems can be hosted on the same array. MacRAID is highly scaleable and can be expanded to over 5 terabytes.

Seek’s new FasFile storage systems for the Macintosh platform are available immediately from the company and through a network of authorized resellers.

Features of the products include:

MacRAID-S System ($25,917)

— 365GB of storage
— 256MB of adaptive SSD controller cache
— FasFile controller
— 73GB disk drives, disk canisters
— 1-2 server ports and host cables.

MacRAID-L System ($55,354)

— 1.2TB of storage
— 1024MB of adaptive SSD controller cache
— FasFile controller
— 180GB disk drives
— 1-6 server ports and host cables.

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