SimpleTech Launches Flash Disk Module with IDE Interface

SimpleTech, Inc., a provider of products based on DRAM, SRAM and flash memory technologies, today announced it will offer what it says is the world’s highest capacity Flash Disk Module(TM) in a miniaturized form factor with true IDE interface.

SimpleTech said its flash disk modules require no proprietary software drivers or connectors and no additional board space. They are offered with 40-pin or 44-pin IDE connectors in densities up to 512MB or in 144-pin SoDIMMs in densities up to 2GB.

“These flash disk modules can achieve write speeds of up to 3.0MB/sec and offer transparent support for any operating system with standard IDE,” said Mark Moshayedi, SimpleTech’s chief operating officer and chief technical officer. “Their low power consumption and high tolerance for shock, vibration, temperature, humidity and altitude make them the ideal portable data storage solution for embedded applications.”

According to Jeanclaude Toma, SimpleTech’s vice president, marketing, “Our goal is to offer miniaturized solutions for embedded applications such as PC104 single board computers to replace DiskOnChip solutions that do not have the density or the software transparency of flash disk modules. At the same time, we are addressing the needs of customers who have to consider HDD because they need a minimum capacity that could not be offered by the previous generation of miniaturized flash storage devices.”

Samples of the 40-pin and 44-pin IDE modules are anticipated in late September, with production planned for October. Samples of 144-pin SoDIMMs are expected in late October, with production to begin in November.

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