Snap Ups Capacity On Server Line

Snap Appliances Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Corp., recenty announced that its Snap Server(R) product line has been enhanced to deliver up to 33 percent more storage capacity at no extra cost to customers.

“At a time when IT budgets are in decline and storage demands continue to rise, Snap Appliances is offering its customers one of the industry’s best price-to-performance solutions for network storage,” said Jim Schraith, chairman and CEO of Snap Appliances. “These higher capacities, along with the enhanced feature-set of the Snap Operating System, give our customers an extremely high return on investment versus traditional NT-class server purchases.”

The portable Snap Server 1000 has been upgraded to 20GB ($499 MSRP) and 40GB ($799 MSRP) capacities. The desktop Snap Server 2000, featuring RAID 1 or 0, increased to 80GB ($1,399 MSRP). The 1U rack-mountable Snap Server 4100 with RAID levels 5, 1 or 0 increased to 160GB ($2,999 MSRP) and 300GB ($4,499 MSRP).

The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recent introduction of the Snap Server ES12(TM), a mid-range NAS appliance that offers nearly a terabyte of capacity along with redundant and hot-swappable hardware

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