Sony Bundles NovaStor TapeCopy

Sony Electronics announced that a free customized version of NovaStor’s TapeCopy(TM) v2.0 Library Edition tape conversion and duplication software specifically optimized for automated solutions is currently shipping with Sony-branded Advanced Intelligent Tape(TM) (AIT) library and autoloader models.

Sony said it is already shipping TapeCopy software with all of its branded stand-alone drives, and selected TapeCopy v2.0 Library Edition software to accompany its automated storage solutions because it allows users of virtually any tape format, to easily upgrade and duplicate their data to the Sony AIT format.

“Users often have to think twice about migrating their data due to the costs, labor and time involved,” said Steve Baker, vice president for the Tape Storage Solutions division of Sony Electronics. “We’re furnishing new AIT library and autoloader customers with TapeCopy software so they can easily and securely transfer their valuable data to the AIT format. AIT offers an ideal next step for DDS customers who are looking to migrate to a tape technology with future scalability, a comparable 3.5-inch drive form-factor, enhanced reliability and extensive automation support.”

“The recent data explosion has more companies than ever shopping for a more sophisticated tape format to store their abundance of critical data,” said Brian Dickman, vice president of Marketing for NovaStor. “To accommodate the enormous user base that desires more advanced and intelligent tape storage, Sony-branded AIT solutions offer affordable automation based on its time-tested technology, and TapeCopy software’s support for libraries and autoloaders simplifies the migration process.”

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