Spectra Logic Ships AIT-3 Tape Libraries

Spectra Logic, a manufacturer of AIT tape libraries, today announced it is now shipping AIT-3-equipped Spectra 12000 and 64000 tape libraries. The AIT-3 technology doubls the capacity and throughput of Spectra Logic’s tape libraries.

“Our customers will now be able to realize the inherent benefits of the new AIT-3 format, including a superior core technology, enhanced performance, backward read/write compatibility and the high capacity needed to cater quickly to data-hungry environments,” said Bill Reed, Spectra Logic’s vice president of marketing, business development. “Coupled with industry-leading storage networking flexibility and library sharing capabilities, these capacity and throughput increases set a new standard for enterprise class library scalability and performance.”

The Spectra 64000 library is designed to accommodate enterprise data management with more than 166 TB of compressed storage in a 40U of rack space. The Spectra 12000 library, with AIT-3 offers 31.2 TB of compressed storage in a standard 19-inch rack mount enclosure. The Spectra 10000 library boasts a capacity of 14 TB compressed in seven inches of rack mount space, while the Spectra 2000 library offers storage capacity up to 7.8 TB compressed for the departmental market.

Spectra Logic customers who own Spectra 12000 and 64000 tape libraries can now trade in their working AIT-2 tape drives for new AIT-3 drives. According to the company, oarticipating customers will receive credits from $2,250 to $3,000 per drive, pricing dependant upon number of AIT-2 drives being traded in.

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