Storage Access Aligns With FalconStor

FalconStor, Inc., and Storage @ccess Technologies Inc. today
announced that Storage Access has adopted FalconStor’s network storage
infrastructure software, IPStor, to enhance its offerings to the SSP
marketplace, resulting in what Storage @ccess says is an optimized SSP solution using an IP-based SAN.

Storage Access says it will embrace IPStor as a key part of its enterprise-class family of storage solutions. These solutions will leverage IPStor’s high performance, key-based security, virtualization, and IP connectivity to
enable Storage Access to deliver mission-critical storage management services.

According to the companies, FalconStor was able to provide Storage Access with a 24×7, unified SAN/NAS solution with IPStor’s boundless virtualization, IP-based storage provisioning, Java-based management console, and a variety of mission critical storage services including active-active failover, mirroring,
replication, snapshot, fast backup and restore enablers, and a key-based authentication feature to ensure an unparalleled level of business continuity, off-site disaster recovery capability, and total storage access security.

Storage Access has deployed IPStor servers in active-active failover
configurations, managing a redundant set of storage subsystems that are
mirrored synchronously. The storage data is replicated via IPStor’s
IP-based replication capability to a remote location for added disaster
protection. This solution currently is being operated within the Miami
SNAP, with plans to include it in future SNAPs as well.

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