Storage Computer Introduces Optically Attached Storage Product

Storage Computer Corporation this week announced the release of its CyberNASTM optically interfaced Network Attached Storage (NAS) system.

According to the company, CyberNAS can deploy up to 32 TB of storage from a single system and is capable of direct OC-48c Packet over SONET (2,500 megabits/second) optical connectivity to metropolitan and wide area networks.

The CyberNAS optically attached storage system will eventually support all storage architectures – NAS, storage area networks (SAN), and direct attached storage (DAS) – and, the company claims, provide the ability to accelerate response and data delivery times exponentially.

The CyberNAS system employs OptiStar technology from Lucent Technologies, which enables optical access for data centers and storage networks. OptiStar network adapters embed the full Transport Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) stacks in hardware, allowing near wire speed connectivity.

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