Storage Computer Updates CyberBORG Storage Delivery System

Storage Computer(R) Corporation announced the release of the second-generation of its CyberBORG(TM) information storage and delivery system.

Storage Computer Corporation claims that CyberBORG is capable of simultaneously delivering large blocks of information, including digital images and financial data, in record time. They go on to say that the second generation CyberBORG performs at a sustained rate of 450 MB/sec, topping the first-generation’s industry record-setting performance of a sustained 235 MB/sec.

According to Storage Computer, CyberBORG can deploy up to 10030 terabytes (TB) of storage from a single system, clustered to provide in excess of 100TB of from a single logical system, integrated into existing networks and servers, and adapted for either DirectServer Attached Storage (DSAS), Storage AttachedArea Networks (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Storage Computer says potential users of CyberBORG include Fortune 1000 companies that need to store, retrieve and deploy large blocks of information, including films, digital medical images, financial data and documentation, Computer Assisted Drawings (CAD) and Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE), books print data and disaster recovery data.

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