StorageTek Approves 2 Gb Ready JNI HBAs

StorageTek(R) (Storage Technology Corp.) and JNI(R) Corporation today announced that StorageTek has certified JNI’s 2 Gb Ready(TM) FibreStar(R) PCI and SBus Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) for use in StorageTek’s tape automation and virtual backup/restore solutions.

Two families of JNI HBAs have been qualified by StorageTek: The 2 Gb Ready FCE-6460 PCI and 2 Gb Ready FCE-1473 SBus HBAs, part of JNI’s new family of Emerald IV-based host bus adapters. Emerald IV is JNI’s second-generation 2 Gb ASIC controller. JNI was the first company to introduce a 2 Gb host bus adapter in May 1999.

JNI HBAs passed StorageTek’s Compliance Test plan, which the company said outlines 154 test configurations necessary to receive certification. The comprehensive testing ensures product robustness and reliability in the most demanding enterprise-level, mission critical applications.

The 2 Gb Ready FibreStar FCE-6460 and FCE-1473 are available today.

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