StorageTek Certifies JNI for Backup and Restore Solution

StorageTek. and JNI(R) Corp. announced that StorageTek has certified JNI FibreStar(R) PCI and SBus Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) for use in StorageTek’s tape automation and virtual backup/restore solutions.

According to the companies, JNI HBAs are certified for use with three lines of StorageTek products: the StorageTek 9840 and T9940 FC-Tape Drives; the L180 and L700 Tape Libraries; and the StorageTek StorageNet(TM) 6000 storage domain manager.

“Native FC-Tape support in Solaris environments is critical in today’s storage network environment,” said Gary Francis, StorageTek vice president and general manager of Automated Tape Solutions. “Native Fibre Channel tape drives offer superior performance to SCSI tape drives in a Fibre Channel storage network, and eliminate thousands of dollars in redundant SCSI routers that have slower performance and more points of failure than Fibre Channel tape automation systems.”

StorageTek says this is the first time it has certified JNI’s Emerald-based HBAs for use across a broad range of its tape automation products. JNI has received StorageTek certification in the past for its Tachyon-based FC-1063, FC64-1063 and FCI-1063 HBAs, as well as Emerald-based FCE-1063 and FCE-6410 for Solaris and Windows NT environments.

The JNI-StorageTek driver with FC-Tape support is available for download via StorageTek’s Customer Resource Center Web site.

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