SwapDrive Announces Online Backup Service

SwapDrive, a provider of Web- based data storage, today introduced an online data backup service for businesses. SwapDrive said the service, SwapDrive Backup, features Wizard-based installation, secure automatic backups, fast data recovery and ubiquitous service access via the Internet.

“Today nearly 80 percent of all mission-critical corporate information is stored on PCs rather than on servers,” said SwapDrive CEO David Steinberg. “This wide and uneven distribution of crucial data means that valuable — and often irreplaceable — business information is becoming more and more vulnerable to permanent loss. SwapDrive Backup was created specifically to address this growing threat.”

According to the company, SwapDrive Backup takes less than 5 minutes to set up, requires the user to designate backup times and other settings only once, and after the user’s preferences are set, data backups are done automatically. If the user is offline at a designated backup time, SwapDrive said the service remembers to backup the next time an Internet connection is established. SwapDrive also said users can backup and retrieve information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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