SwapDrive to Offer ISPs and HSPs Online Storage and File Management Services

Online storage provider SwapDrive today announced the launch of [email protected], a program catering to the ISP and HSP markets by creating value-added services for their customer base.

According to SwapDrive, the [email protected] program enables users to create files and folders that are accessible over the Internet. Similar to an office Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN), users can establish groups and assign access permissions to specific folders as well as share files with other users. SwapDrive also offers a variety of complementary technologies to be included in [email protected] such as SDBackup, an automated backup tool; support for Palm(TM) VII users; DesignPACK, an online viewing and editing tool for an assortment of file formats; and large file compression and encryption prior to transfer.

Pricing for the [email protected] program is based on a per-gigabyte basis with discounts available for blocks of storage in excess of 10 gigabytes. SwapDrive offers two pricing models to make services available to an ISP’s customers. The first allows the ISP to purchase a block of storage from SwapDrive and then resell it to customers. The second is for ISPs to refer interested parties to SwapDrive and receive compensation on a revenue- sharing basis.

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