Symantec, FalconStor Think Remotely

Symantec and FalconStor released products this week aimed at remote data protection needs.

Symantec adapted its backup technology for remote offices with the introduction of Veritas NetBackup 6.0 PureDisk Remote Office Edition.

NetBackup PureDisk offers disk-to-disk backup, data reduction, encryption, replication and centralized administration to make remote office backup easier, solving problems such as tape administration and lack of skilled IT personnel at remote offices. The product is based on technology that Symantec acquired from Data Center Technologies last year.

“Traditional backup products were simply not designed to meet remote office needs,” said Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Heidi Biggar. “Symantec’s new remote backup software has the ease-of-use, management and data movement features that these classes of users demand.”

Symantec says NetBackup PureDisk unites disparate remote offices into a single protection network so that backup policies can be set and managed by the centralized corporate data protection team, providing visibility into the entire backup infrastructure.

The product uses global single instance storage technology to reduce storage and bandwidth needs, and data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

FalconStor, meanwhile, unveiled a CDP offering that marketing vice president Don Mead says is “so flexible, so adaptive that there’s not an environment we can’t make an application for.”

FalconStor CDP offers enterprises, branch offices and small and medium businesses (SMBs) instant, granular recovery of databases, e-mail, files and even the entire system (“bare metal recovery”) in the event of hardware or software failures or site-level disasters.

The product continuously journals and bookmarks the production host’s data to facilitate administrator or user-initiated recovery. A “visual slider” interface allows users to identify and roll back to the most relevant image.

FalconStor CDP works in concert with the company’s services offerings and VirtualTape Library (VTL) to maximize data protection.

While FalconStor boasts OEM deals with its VTL technology with the likes of EMC and IBM, Mead said the company has no OEM announcements yet for its CDP product, but he added that “we listen to the community when we develop our technology.”

It is available through the company’s reseller channel, however. Pricing starts at about $1,000 for the SMB version, and for enterprises, iSCSI pricing starts at $15,000 and Fibre Channel at $35,000.

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