Symantec Takes on Unstructured Data With OFS

Video, photos, surveillance logs, engineering documents … the amount of unstructured data in the enterprise is rising all the time. Symantec said it’s taking a new approach to dealing with the growth of unstructured with a new technology called Object File Server.

The security and storage firm previewed the technology at a media event and EntepriseStorageForum has the story.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Symantec demonstrated a new Object File Server technology it said its researchers have developed to help deal with the management and storage issues IT is facing in dealing with the massive growth of unstructured data. The amount of data large enterprises and IT service providers are required to store is growing by 50 percent a year, the company said.

“We would see this being used in large enterprises for things like video surveillance, activity logs, engineering documents, all the unstructured data that’s growing like crazy, not your typical Oracle database,” said Joe Pasqua, vice president of research for Symantec Labs, in a media briefing here at Symantec’s (NASDAQ: SYMC) headquarters.

OFS provides a new architecture that leverages commodity components — standard storage racks, Ethernet switches and data servers. In addition to data servers, a metadata server in the rack acts as a traffic cop managing access to up to thousands of clients.

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Symantec Unveils Object File System to Manage Data Growth

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