SyncSort for z/OS Now Available for IBM’s z/OS Operating System

SyncSort for z/OS, a new high performance sort, merge and copy product designed to take advantage of the new features of IBM’s z/OS operating system and its underlying 64-bit z/Architecture, is now available from Syncsort Incorporated. According to the company, SyncSort for z/OS sorts a wide variety of record types and data formats, provides record filtering, reformatting and summarization for file and data conversion, generates reports, and minimizes sorting time for large volumes of data.

Numerous features and usability enhancements that exploit all of the features of the z/OS operating system will be available in SyncSort for z/OS in the fourth quarter of 2001. These include SyncSort’s Dynamic Storage Management enhancements that will utilize the expanded central storage resources found on zSeries 900 servers. The new product will also employ the parallel access volume (PAV) technology such as on IBM’s 2105 ESS and EMC’s Symmetrix devices. In many cases, these enhancements will result in significant improvements in CPU and elapsed time performance.

The company says users will also have the ability to specify a DB2 query which SyncSort will use to access a DB2 database, thus eliminating an extract step. SyncSort for z/OS will provide support for a maximum of 255 SORTWK data sets, up from 100. And the product will incorporate functionality to integrate the mainframe component of Visual SyncSort.

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