TrelliSoft Announces International Distributors

TrelliSoft Inc., a provider of multi-platform storage resource management (SRM) software, announced that it has signed agreements with international resellers.

Applied Technology Corp. (ATC) will distribute TrelliSoft software in Japan. SAN Solutions will distribute TrelliSoft software in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.
As the first TrelliSoft customer in Japan, ATC will use StorageAlert/OS to monitor and manage storage for its corporate operations. ATC president and CEO, Noriyuki Yarimizu, said, “We chose StorageAlert/OS for our internal operations to ensure that we maximize the investment we have made in storage hardware by reclaiming wasted space and to prevent storage related downtime, which is unacceptable in a customer-oriented business like ours.”

The reseller agreement, which gives ATC non-exclusive rights to sell and support StorageAlert/OS in Japan, is an important milestone for TrelliSoft, as it marks its first reseller outside North America. “We are excited to have ATC–a company with a 17 year history and more than 600 customers–distribute our products in Japan,” said Steve Donovan, president and CEO of TrelliSoft. “ATC has clearly shown its commitment to the TrelliSoft product line by its internal use of the software, the training and translation efforts it has already begun, as well as its aggressive plans for marketing and sales.”
SAN Solutions, a Madrid-based integrator of Storage Area Networks (SAN) solutions, has signed an agreement to distribute the TrelliSoft products in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

“Having TrelliSoft StorageAlert as part of our solution portfolio enables us to understand a client’s environment more quickly and in more detail,” said Jose Antonio Guerrero, president and CEO of SAN Solutions. “By providing detailed analysis of a customer’s storage resources enterprise-wide, StorageAlert will help us identify which applications or filesystems are the best candidates for a SAN implementation. And once SANs are deployed, StorageAlert will help manage SANs over time, resulting in improved performance, higher reliability, and reduced costs. We are thrilled to be able to offer StorageAlert/OS to our customers”

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