TrelliSoft Expands SRM Suite

TrelliSoft Inc., which provides multi-platform storage resource management (SRM) software, said that StorageAlert/DB for Oracle is available for customers in its Early Adopter program.

StorageAlert/DB helps organizations maximize their storage resources by reporting on database statistics to help them better manage the storage associated with specific database objects.

With StorageAlert/DB, customers can:

  • Manage storage by application database
  • Manage storage by user
  • Prevent storage downtime by predicting tablespace failure
  • Reduce unnecessary space usage by finding unused space and identifying fast-growing objects
  • Perform capacity planning by trending storage growth of specific objects
  • Identify the fastest-growing databases to better plan network migration or SAN implementation projects
  • Chargeback for storage usage by user or department
  • Export storage data for import into any application, such as accounting, chargeback or spreadsheet applications
  • Enforce storage policies

“StorageAlert/DB enables organizations to pinpoint problems from an application focus and database perspective,” said Steve Donovan, president and CEO of TrelliSoft. “By providing an application focus to managing storage resources, StorageAlert enables organizations to discover problems in their most critical applications and quickly pinpoint the trouble spot, whether it’s an individual user or specific tablespace. And StorageAlert’s ability to not only identify storage problems, but also take corrective action is a clear advantage in preventing application downtime.”

StorageAlert/DB is available for Oracle now and will be expanded to support other DBMSs in the future. Only customers in TrelliSoft’s Early Adopter program can get their hands on StorageAlert/DB for Oracle.

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